J.P. Vis & Zn. has an ISO9001:2008 and an ISO14001:2004 certification. There is an annual check of quality standards, so your transport will always be high-quality guaranteed.

J.P. Vis & Zn. owns a well-serviced fleet of trailers, offering you an excellent and a reliable delivery. Your goods will be delivered in time by our lorries.

J.P. Vis & Zn. works exclusively with well-trained Dutch drivers, who possess all necessary papers and certificates. Also, our drivers will attend yearly trainings on behalf of Code 95. This way, our drivers will be informed of all new or renewed legislations, and are always up-to-date. All of our drivers have a certificate for handling a fork-lift truck. Your products will be handled with care by our drivers, so the quality will be preserved.

J.P. Vis & Zn. have planners at their disposal who know the tricks of their trade, and will find the right

solution for your transport. Quality and reliability are taken very seriously by them. Please contact our planning department (no strings attached), by phone at ++31 (0)174-639412 or e-mail to planning@jpvis.nl.