Transport to Sweden

International transporting company J.P. Vis & Zn. Ltd. is registered in Kwintsheul (municipality Westland, The Netherlands, situated between The Hague and the city of Hoek van Holland), also known as the “European green-port”. Our main office and working area is to be found here. From our conditioned warehouse in Nieuw Amsterdam and Poeldijk, the goods are crossdocked and reloaded. We also have plenty options for temperature controlled storage on both locations. 

J.P. Vis specialises in conditioned transport of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants, from The Netherlands and Belgium to several destinations in Sweden. Our drivers dispose of a modern and well-serviced fleet of trailers. All of these are equipped with coolers, to transport your products at the right temperature. Our fleet consists of articulated vehicles with trailers and semi-trailers. Besides, we have 2-compartment trailers, so varying temperatures may be set, if needed. We also have trailers with an open flank loading, without compromising the quality of the conditioned transport. Our transport units are all equipped with tailboards, and a track & trace system as well.

J.P. Vis has both an ISO9001:2008 as well as an ISO14001:2004 certification. With these certifications we show to be a transport company combining a quality and environmental policy, and by doing this to be able to cluster all important matters of conditioned transport into an efficient way of haulage.

The most important aims of J.P. Vis are: efficiency, furnishing information and complete satisfaction of our clients. In order to attain these aims, our planners dispose of a computer-based planning schedule, and our fleet of trailers can be tracked anywhere, by way of a specific software program.

Transport company J.P. Vis is proud of being the regular transporter of a number of leading Dutch and Swedish chains of supermarkets, trading firms and producers. For more information about our services, please contact us without obligations, by phone at ++31 (0)174-294248, or e-mail to